“Living in the desert during summer months, it is impossible to maintain a cool drink even at night. Your mini ice cubes kept my drink cold. I will be buying more for other members of my family.”
–John E., Summerlin, NV

“I bought the tiny ice cubes for my husband’s beer and they worked perfectly! Now, I don’t have to worry if I didn’t put the beer in the refrigerator long enough, as these will chill it and maintain the crispness that he likes.”
–Karen B., Las Vegas, NV

“Growing up as a child of the 60’s, my mom used to have the lever ice cube trays, I was surprised to find them on your site. We are trying to remove and avoid chemicals leaching into our food and water, these trays are a diamond in the rough. Thank you immensely for providing them.”
–Becky P., Beverly Hills, CA

“I am chemically injured and strive to maintain a chemical free living environment. I found your air freshener to be safe enough to use without any adverse reactions to it. Now, our break room at work has an alternative to the toxic air freshener that they were using. THANK YOU for offering this to the public!”
–Sandy S., Scottsdale, AZ

“I have to prepare my children’s lunches because of food allergies and your tiffins have made their lunches more enticing, as they can have both hot and cold without any concerns for spoilage. These were the best investment I have ever made.”
–Rob K., Chicago, IL

“I am 10 years old and my mommy would never let me have any ice pops because of chemicals in them. Now I get to have them all the time because you have ones that she can make for me.”
–Jill, from Texas