Just because you or others are environmentally ill, does not mean that you can't enjoy the pleasure of flowers. Real roses are grown with pesticides, sprayed with synthetic fragrances to mimic the natural scent from fresh flowers. They have a small window of time that you can enjoy them.

Now, with our 24K gold enhanced roses, you can have the luxury of real roses, without the harmful effects of real roses. No more pressing the flowers in a book to preserve them. These roses will be identical as when you first received them.

A real rose, that has gone through a 40 step process encompassing five days of hand on steps, by skilled artisans and technicians.

The roses are harvested then dipped in lacquer to preserve their delicate shape. Then they are individually hand dipped to plate them in 24K gold.

No two roses are alike, just like they are unique in nature. So there will be variances in size and color.

A rose you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Price: $69.00

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