Chemical Free Living is the E-commerce store of the National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation. The NTEF is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

Whose core purposes are to provide education and services to the growing segment of the population affected by everyday chemicals & toxins in our environment. It has been proven that chemicals/radiation have a direct effect upon the brain whether during pregnancy, childhood or in adults. Chemicals such as pesticides, cleaning/disinfectant products, building materials, vaccine preservatives, perfumes, air fresheners, fragranced products, mold, along with electro-magnetic radiation/smart meters are most likely causing harm to your health and/or to the health of those around you.

Chemicals are pervasive in our environment. Whether we ingest, inhale or apply them, chemicals affect both humans and the environment. Only through knowledge we will be able to make more informed decisions regarding our health and the health of others.

The vast array of chemicals, building materials, carpets, colognes, perfumes, air fresheners, scented candles, potpourri, pesticides, cleaning and laundry products negatively affects an increasing segment of the population on a daily basis.

Children are being injured by pesticides, cleaning and building materials in schools, manifesting itself in diagnosis such as ADD/ADHD. Childhood asthma is on the rise and exacerbated by these pervasive volatile organic compounds in schools, which should be a safe learning environment.
Access to schools, medical facilities, lodging, recreation venues, special events, social functions, and government meetings is severely limited or non-existent for people who are adversely affected by chemicals.

Therefore, the NTEF has elected to provide coverage of a wide variety of information on environmental issues, not just the more obvious ones that have a major impact upon the brain.

Animal brains and organs are not exempt from environmental toxicants. In detoxifying your home, you are also creating a healthier environment for your dogs, cats, etc.

Our current projects; stopping children’s in utero chemical exposures, peanut and pesticide exposures, asthma and allergen triggers, both at home and in educational settings. We will keep monitoring personal care items for mislabeling and other Code of Federal Regulation violations.

See more at: http://www.NTEF-USA.Org